20 June, 2012

The New Me

Assalam. for those who had read my blog before. sorry for deleting it without giving any hint. i think its fine by you. since haven't update almost a year, i lose all the passion for blogging. i like to write, and what important is, i like to share something new for you guys. but between the very informative entries about animals and current issues, there's a moment i had with my friends. some still keep in touch with me until now, but others just gone like wind.

i'm the one who'd fall in love with something in just a blink. a 3-years-being-friends should do much rather than the feeling. fall in love is one thing, can never forget is another thing. pheww -.-' . so, i don't want to see any of this blog showing my memory with friends. it didn't help much by reading back those posts, just make my heart warmer.

so now, this is my new life.

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