26 June, 2012

time to move your ass out

Pheww.. it’s so complicated getting my ass on this situation again. I once made promised to myself, never to bring my life back to student life anymore. And now I was thinking to slap my own face for saying that. I need more. The truth about my stupidity.
I hate exam, test, presentation, mini-project and all of the student age stuffs. You guys can call me genius, after all I’d missed my intelligent and I’d drowned here. Rotting inside w/o doing anything.
No such thing called GENIUS. Even Albert Einstein failed so many times in what his doing. The only key to success is effort. w/o hardwork, you will never understand ur life. Takkan nak makan suap je? Gile la camtu.

I’m now a 22 years old woman, my maturity get even well now. I can think the pros and cons of doing something related to my future. And my past always stomp me right on my face. How stupid I am back then. But now, regret fills my empty heart. My empty hearts once full of dunks, dark, dust, and whatever you call it.

It is because of love I waste my lifetime for something useless? It might be yes, or no. or it is because of friends? 70% yes. But the 100% sure is all from me. I’m the one who ruins my beautiful life. We have born as babies, growing up beautifully pampered with loving parents. But when the time comes, we destroy our lives.

From now on, I will never turn back. I will work harder to be the best. I want people to be happy by my side. I will make them happy. My life now is just for my parents. and for those who really need me.

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